It was 12’o clock midnight. The office day was not as usual,a hectic one. It was sober yet troublesome. The disrupt between the CEO and bank analyst of our company over a client, proposed a resignation. However, the conflict didn’t disgusted me but the cancellation of the trip to Germany. The entire made up mind of packing, travelling, and knowledgeable experience was blown out. Has it been a conflict between employers, it would’ve not led to such a blunder, perhaps, it was a part of journey from office to home.

While i stepped out of glass-ceiling, the sky was caught up in dark clouds, for the fact, i was unable to find taxi. Untill 12:20am when a cab driver stopped the cab in front of me , enquiring where i adhere to land about? It sounded notorious to me at a glance, obviously you can’t ignore a female gut instinct during alone- night. All dreary thoughts muggle over my mind but i held all the grudges and said,” Bhaiya, Dhampur Chowk, how much will you charge?” In response he said,” Meter ke hisaab se madam!”

I wouldn’t have minded considering the rates of the ride, but unfortunately i was carrying Rs. 200 with me as i forgot to bring wallet. As he drove few kilometers ahead, i made to stop the car. I wasn’t carrying enough money for my destination. He asked me that we’ve not reach Dhampur yet, but i started walking through the nearby lane.

Horror shook me. Fear of rape, murder, cat-called, drunk men, all shivered my body up and mind too. Suddenly, after 10 minutes, bright flash entered my eyes . My nerves choked and body started profuse perspiring, and i saw it was the same cab driver. I began to shiver, but i wasn’t out of my mind.

He told me to sit and not to be scared, he knew that i wasn’t carrying the expenses of my ride. Out of generosity, he drove me home safely, being satisfied from his words.

That night i realised not everyone you fear is disguises murderer/rapist. This world is might full of terrors but few people are there who know how to perform their duties and ensure someone’s safety.

Salute to all those!

(Source of image-Instagram)