Applying haldi paste, rubbing tomato peels, putting on multani mitti, spraying the orange peels, smearing aloevera, using honey, scrubbers, fairness creams and many more remedies. All of this has only one purpose to serve; make you fairer. It will not be wrong saying that many poeple even go for medical supports to make their skin more appealing just to look gorgeous. People opt for reducing their melanin cells and try plastic surgeries to look more beautiful. But, why?

We say without god’s permission not even a single leave can fall, we all know that phrase; whatever happens, happens for the best, we all advice us to be happy in what we have got and we all believe that god always choose the best for us. So, why can’t we stand the originality and ditch being artificial? Fair, whitish or dark; I still have seen this description in the matrimonial columns, is it important? It’s not at all false to say that even today people make friends or judge them on basis of their looks or I should say, their color. Even today almost every one of us feels like being beautiful is to be fair. I feel this is a misunderstanding that takes people away from loving themselves. Why see yourself from someone else’s eyes? Why try to be what your really are not? Why to feel inferior because of something irrelevant?

Smart, sexy, cute, gorgeous, humble, hot, smoking-you can say there are many genres of picturing beauty. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t fair, its OK if you are not very beautiful. What really matters is how pure and beautiful is your heart. How fair your inner soul is, how strong your acceptance is. Turn a deaf ear to those who comment on your looks, and just be you. Why to switch the god gifted complexion? Just be proud even if you are brown. Don’t ever underestimate yourself due to useless chitter-chatter boxes, which have no nerve of respect for the humankind. If ‘you’ think you are beautiful, no one has anything to do with how you look. They are just passing lame and stupid views. Feel happy in whatever way you look. For those who really love you, appearance hardly matters; they will personify your every look in a unique magical way.

Those who think that people who are dark are not to be interacted with or not gorgeous to talk about, my question is that, what if you had been at their place? We talk of change, I guess we should also transform this symbol of beauty being as’ fair’, because it has nothing to do with one’s complexion, its all about how the actual person is; one’s personality. No less beautiful person will bite you if you’ll try to be with them.

Remember not all fair people are beautiful, not all beautiful people are good. So, catch on to what exactly being attractive and pleasing means.