Wandering through the radius of that spherical ball(globe) , I found epitome of beauty and pious creatures, women to be treated harshly and brutally, in physical and emotional WAYS. Yes ladies, you’re on right track. I am talking about the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. You all might have heard or familiar with the cases of physical violence experienced by women.

It includes any form of violence suffered by a person from a biological relative but typically is the violence suffered by a woman by male member of a family or relative. It was estimated to be 33.5% sexual violence among women aged 15 to 49, now rates are quite high.

Source: artinstic.com

Let me share a story with you all.

Two  years ago there came a “happily married couple” in my neighborhood they were really genuine and humble. After few days of their shifting lots of noises shivered from their houses. Though we had a good connection with them but the lady refuses all the time to give the reason of the cause. Finally, on a house party a revelation of truth was made by her to my mother. And I got shocked after realising the fact. Her explanation was, that her husband used to beat him out of aggression and frustrations of workplace. Still the lady kept quiet to her ‘husband’ so as not to destroy the ‘so-called relationship’ with family members.

I could say that she is responsible for her miseries because this society has considered male to be a dominant fury whether the female have or haven’t participated in his deeds. She is destined to be a victim! Because that is the only place for a woman to fit in!

But I must say that she is not responsible! Only one woman can bring down the whole world on fire if she wish to, it would be shivering to realise what all can do. Women not only experience physical aggression but verbal aggression too! She experiences torture, blackmailing, and other misbehaviour if she deny a request made by men.

The main reason behind this fact is women’s are taught to be delicate from the ancient history!

She is 25, why don’t you get her married and bring up her family? Career is not that important! These are the pathetic comment almost every woman experience in a while.

Let me tell you all, she is not a DOVE, she is a VULTURE who is raised up to kill all the ‘absurd-worms’ of the society. Is it not unwitting to submit that men can use and harm her body and emotions at the same time, whenever he wishes to do so? Do we really need to rely upon men?

Society will not decide your marrying age and career. Society will not decide the life you want to live! It’s you who decide for yourself.

Break the silence and stand up for yourself.