“This is not you”, “you can’t do this, “don’t you know what your job is”, “don’t be this way”, “wear this; wear that”, “have this makeover” and all that blah-blah-blah. It is very important for a woman to have her own identity. But that identity comes when something valuable seems to others out of you and that valuable is not what others want, that valuable is what you want.

When you think of something to start upon, you must not forget that the road will not be the easy one. There will be many ups and downs. You will never know what challenge the next moment will bring. For many of you it might be a toughest journey to finish. Be it everything, your job, your appearance, your way of handling or the whole you, unless and until you yourself will not evaluate what’s right and wrong, you can never figure out the correct way. You need to have a vision and determination in you. You need to have a confidence that, yes you are going right. I am not saying that you are not to take any sort of help from anyone, you have to and you should when you feel like. Its no shame in asking for someone’s shoulder to make things work out. But what matters is that you shouldn’t lose yourself in someone else’s view.

You want to go out for a party, you dress up the way your friends say; and you may go uncomfortable with that. You want to start your own something, but you stop just because your family says that you don’t need to this, because you have much more to do at home. You start applying all those beauty products just because someone says that you need to look fair. You don’t want to go out late night, but your friends make you do that saying, “it’s no wrong so just come up”. There are many more instances when you move in others shoes, but why? Can’t you figure out yourself what’s wrong and right? Unless you do this you will lose yourself somewhere. Look your way, be the way you want, do the way you perceive things and have your own sight. Why to look from other’s eyes? May be you have much beauty lying in yours.

Your life is not others piece of concern. Whenever you need a support your family and close friends will always be there but then also you should be able to think your way before asking them about how to sort out everything. If you will do this, gradually you will grow. You will have your own experiences. Mentally you will become strong at each step. And if you just don’t want to use your own mind and want to go with the wave, than you will never know how actually things go. After all somewhere in life you will have to face something alone, than what will you do? So, stop following the crowd and also don’t go with what others say or feel, have your own vision, own way and own style. Don’t have yourself lost somewhere in the wind. This will definitely bring a new and better you. Out-stand yourself, and everyone will see you shine!