That word we all have a yen for. And when we get a catch of it, it makes us like we have achieved something really appreciable. A feel of reliance, that address of being intelligent and that chin up moment when you know that you can handle this yourself; we all young people wait for this instant. We all await those parenting lines, “now he/she is grown up”.

‘Maturity’, that is what describes who we really are. How we handle every critical situation, how we react to any unexpected come up and how we address others, is what shows how well we have been managing ourselves since so long. It is said that after we are done with schools, we enter the real ‘outside’ world. Yes we learn millions of things every day but what matters is that how we perceive the things. Ever since we are told that respect elders, respect women or respect girls. But I guess the wave following now is that, coolness overlaps manners.

Approach any of the college or university nowadays and just go invisible. And then observe what actually the definition of ‘being mature’ and’ respect’ have been molded by our country’s future. You will see they think they are the most intuitive and right-minded ones, why? Only because they are cool. And that a cool also is all being bringing out all those shity words out of their mouths. You can easily find at least 60% of generations speaking actual information less and that ‘BC-BC’ more. It’s no weird or cranky for them to utter 5 out 9 these bizarre words in a group. They feel, its cool. I feel its rubbish. What I feel is, its really no issue to come up with all this, but its no good while you address all this kind of stuff to someone, especially girls. It obviously depends on an individual how he/she wants to be addressed and when someone in not in the consent to be spoken those kinda words, one should always respect their opinion and place. Being cool, using all that so called adult talk to and fro when a girl doesn’t like it, you are not behaving as a grown up but portraying yourself as a moron.

Many girls actually don’t like all that but they never say anything about it even when someone is actually forwarding this attitude towards them. May be because they feel inferior or may be if they do then they will be categorized narrow minded or maybe they don’t wanna loose friends. Remember ther is always a line after which your dignity is of importance. If you don’t like it, have that courage of saying it on face. If they will be your friends truly they will surely understand you and will respect your say. Don’t feel crummy if you cann’t stand all this because there is seriously nothing funky and groovy in it.

I know that all these words are ok when you are in anger or you are in to a buddy-buddy fight or just joking way around but it is really generous if you don’t let yourself go with this in front of a girl. Imagine your sister or mother in their shoes. And when someone is offensive then you gotta stop. That’s what children of reputed families do.

It’s a small thing but it actually marks. Guys respect women!