Women’s safety can be considered to be a highly debatable topic. The intruding question here arises : How many women feel safe to roam around the streets , especially at night, without any fear of facing harassment?

I will say in consideration of those Women’s who would have or may have or already undergone safety problems. It is disheartening yet appropriate to say that a country, pronounced as ‘BHARAT MATA’ , is unable to preserve the safety of women in cities, towns and villages. It puts a question mark on the tag of a ‘developing country’ . However, it comes under a “Fourthmost dangerous country” for women to live in.

It calls to our attention why women can’t be Independent- do their life is plunged in shadow of men?

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Be it patriarchy or perception, are the root evil of heinousness faced by women. Women’s are taught to be soft from the very beginning or otherwise tantrums would have thrown upon them, for entering late, stepping out of home at night, partying all day, and other sort of wrenching comments that shroud their psychological status.

Over a past few millennia, the status of women have been subjected to various changes- from the equal status that they’ve enjoyed with men since ancient time to the promotion of Women’s rights in modern era!

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Today women’s have been able to climb higher , but it hadn’t reciprocated the attrocities faced by them.

Some of the common crimes against women are:-

1) SEXUAL HARASSMENT – 50% of the crimes against women are related to molestation and verbal harassment at workplace.

2) Dowry – On an annual basis, 5,000 Women die because of dowry, intentionally done, kitchen fire and suicides. The dowry related deaths are called as ‘bride burning’.

3) FEMALE INFANTICIDE AND SEX SELECTIVE ABORTION- One of the most sinful crime, killing of an infant female before the birth. As the female-male proportion is not equal , it makes India a highly male populated country.

4) Domestic Violence- It often happens as a result of Dowry, frustrations of workplace and exceptional demands from the victim.

One should always be focused on How to prevent these crimes? How to make world a BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN.