With her shivering soul she locks herself somewhere deep inside, never daring to step outside. Her eyes always worried when they are set on the clock. Her hands flicker as she rolls down her robe. A cranky fear strikes her heart after she figures every sunset. Not every housewife is happy; she might be suffering what others regard as ‘bartano ka khadakna’.

We all get flooded in the roads whenever we come across any rape crime. The moment we discover a once again cruelty of human race, we all are up with so many flash cards. Be it facebook, twitter, insta or normal public of country, celebrities, media, politicians or any socialist, all sets their profiles a burning ground for freedom. Every victim of rape gives everyone of us a topic to step out in streets. Thousands of candle march, traffics jams, protests in front of the courts are witnessed as public’s rage against this ‘rape case’. But there lies one equally horrible and I should say more dreadful crime and that is what someone of the married women of our country had to go through. The marital rape!

May be some of us have not even listened about it. May be some us don’t know that their harassment is not justified. That unwanted touch that woman has to bear under the pressure of society and historic rules of marriage. That sense of being raped every night. That disgust feel of one’s own body. That unwelcomed love. A love disguised by a demon. A demon disguised by her husband. A husband disguised as a soul-less person, only urging for temporary physical satisfaction. How terrible and tornado like situation is would have been for those who have to confront these moments every night. Is marriage about sex? Does this starting living with each other means sleeping with each other and satisfying one’s jumping hormones? Does the only solution to a problem between married couple, is bringing up a baby? Its of great shame if one thinks it this way.

Love is what makes a marriage successful. And love is beyond the physical relations. Its something which makes us feel something special in something every time we see them. Men, who think that once they are married to someone that means she has sold her body to them, should hammer their brains to death. There is right that permits one to go physical when a woman says ‘NO’. It doesn’t matter if she is a girl, a teenage, a maiden, a widow, a divorcee, an old lady or even if she is a prostitute and above all even if she is your wife. One doesn’t have the right to even touch any woman without her consent. Man must come across this reality of life. Marriage doesn’t mean you have bought her to cook food, do homely chores and then satisfies you every night in bed. Drop that shity mentality and give some respect to your lady.

And those who undergo this non-criminal crime, don’t hesitate to push him back. What if he is your husband, after all you are also a human with feelings. You were not born to accomplish his fancies. You deserve much more from your relation. Have yourself dignified and respected. Your respect lies in your hands only. Break the silence dominated by false social believes.