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  • Aditi Sahu

    Lesbian pornographic content being made for heterosexual men—sounds familiar? You have probably heard queer women complain again and again(and rightfully so) of how they are fetishized continuously by the media for consumption of heterosexual men. Women have long been deemed as merely an object for men’s desire, and fetishizing queer women is just an example of how this society fails day after day to view women as human beings.

    Some heterosexual men who claim to support queer people only view queer women as an object for their sexual gratification and queer men as not being man enough. While our world is still struggling with homophobia, consumption of pornographic content that is just aimed at reducing queer women to their “sex-appeal” on straight men is only adding to the problem. One of the reasons of queer women not feeling comfortable in coming out of the closet is that once they do, sooner or later, they will be fetishized by their heterosexual acquaintances. The first question a queer women gets when she labels herself is whether she’s interested in threesome. Why on earth someone labelling herself as queer makes you think it’s okay for you to ask invasive questions? Since when did we forget the basic etiquettes of a human being?

    While the fetishizing behaviour shown by some heterosexual men is a part of the problem, it is not the biggest one. The biggest problem still remains the portrayal of queer women in media, specifically the pornographic media.

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