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  • Samriti Sharma

    Education undoubtedly yes is the foundation of a better career and lifestyle. Education today is that sword which has the power to transform the lives of people especially women around us. There have been thousands of research papers, article, laws, committees which emphasize on the importance of education. Various measures have been taken to ensure the same on the basic level but still education remains a distinct dream for many children in the country and across the world.
    Education is the stepping stone for a secure and rewarding future in the sense that, an educated women is strong enough to stand against all odds of the society. Education majorly is that one source which contributes towards financial independence of women, which enables her to be independent on her own be it financially or mentally. Education empowers the personality of women to further not allow her to be a victim of the patriarchal norms, various discriminatory practices, etc.
    Education provides what not to an individual including a rewarding career, reputation in society, lifestyle, an identity of her own etc. Hence, it here can be said that education undoubtedly is important band to lay an emphasis on the same Right to Education in our country has been made a Fundamental Right which is available to all the citizens of the nation which any discremination on the basis of caste, creed, colour, sex etc.
    We are well aware that back in time education was a facility available only to the male child, despite the fact that girls have been equally good in academics too. Today with the changing world, we as women have been rewarded this Right to Education and we should try to the fullest to make a good use of the same.

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