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Aditi Sahu
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The definition of rape is the act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will. CONSENT being the keyword. Rape is non-consensual sex, doesn’t matter whether it’s with you spouse or your live-in partner, rape is rape. Indian legal system has a lot of flaws, and the one of the biggest of them is that Marital rape is still legal in India. Yes, you heard that right, a rape within a marriage is legal in our country. So a spouse can rape their spouse without any legal repercussions. How is that still going on in our country? Why are we still not giving the basic rights to rape victims? Why are rapists still allowed to roam free while the victims have to endure the trauma for their whole life?

The simple answer is our lawmakers’ blatant ignorant and patriarchal nature. Until and unless the lawmakers realise how such a heinous crime being a legal thing is a shame for the country and for the humankind, no change can be made.