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Afshan Iqbal
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Should women be paid for household work? It’s complex but the easy answer is NO.

First of all, if a woman has chosen to be a homemaker, then it will be a humiliation for her. If a woman is doing household work without being forced then obviously it will hurt her and it will be very stupid to put a price tag on the efforts and love with which a woman takes care of her family and household. No money can justify the number of effort that a woman has put into her family and household. Secondly, if a woman is paid to do household work, then paying her may lead to the idea that women belong to this work only and cannot work outside. Giving rise to sexism and gender inequality. If women are paid to be independent, it will take a turn and lead to confining them within their households, also, stereotyping the role to only women. Paying for household work may lead to many women having no aspirations in their life as their lives are reduced to only getting married and then working in the home and being paid for it. Women themselves will consider their sole roles in society as homemakers as that is what society exactly wants. So, women should not be paid for household work instead they should be acknowledged, appreciated, and equal shares in household work should be promoted. This will be a step in smashing the stigma associated with certain gender roles.