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Aditi Sahu
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Sexism basically means discrimination or different treatment based on sex or gender. Men and women both are equal victims of sexism when it comes to present day society. Sexism is the ideology that has led us to believe that professions are reserved for either men or women, and that in turn has made many industries male or female dominated. Even when a person wants to pursue a career that is traditionally dominated by the different sex than theirs, they have to think a million times of what will people say. This not only leads to dreams being shattered of thousands of people, it is also making it hard for us, as a society, to emerge as progressive and accepting.

Sexism is a very complex issue and has been in the picture for so long that it is now borderline impossible for it to be totally eradicated. What we can do is, take small steps. These small steps can start from the comfort of our homes, the next time your brother decides to wear pink, be supportive of him instead of telling him “pink isn’t for boys”. The next time you see your father cooking in the kitchen, thank him for making food instead of applauding him for “helping” your mother.