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038 deepika Singh
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Today, Social Media is one of the most important factors contributing to the mental, emotional, physical health of an individual. Influencers on social media flaunt their perfect bodies and skin under highly complex poses, angles, good lighting and then they have the audacity of calling themselves ‘supports of body positivity’. Some even go a step ahead and contort their bodies under totally unforgiving, harsh lighting to emphasise their stomach fat, in an attempt to make their bodies seem more relatable to others. They fake stretchmarks, acne and hair on their body. This is what we call false body positivity!

The point is to show off the ‘fake flaws’ and tell us that skinny, size S, women have flaws too. And whilst for many, these image serve as a beacon of body empowerment, but others have brandished the movement as fake. Many of these influencers spreading body positivity are thin, slim with perfect hour- shaped body and they aim to point our their almost non-existing flaws, or sometimes even create a new defect entirely in an attempt to spread body-positivity.
But what we actually need is a sincere effort to tackle the norm of being perfect. There is no need to pretend to have fake flaws and try to spread positivity just to get some likes and followers on social media. Body-positivity is matter that needs serious and honest concerns and we need actual people with actual flaws and filter-free selves to spread it.