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Aditi Sahu
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Unreasonable and absurd beauty standards for women have been going on for centuries. Be it the appearance of highly thin waists in Victorian England, to hairless prepubescent body all over the world, the beauty standards for women are highly problematic and degrading.

You might have heard people saying how an “ideal” woman is supposed to look like, she should have big breasts, small waist, long legs, big buttocks, fair skin, long lashes, thick eyebrows, and rest of the body should be hairless. Isn’t beauty supposed to be subjective? Why have we created such harmful notions of beauty, particularly when it comes to women? These unreasonable standards of beauty not only make women feel conscious about their body’s shape and size, but it also impacts their mental health very negatively. They feel so inadequate in themselves, that they keep on spending money to achieve an “ideal” beauty, which does not even make sense.

It is high time that we realise that women’s worth do not depend on how they look and that beauty standards are nothing but just a way to make women feel bad about themselves. If an “ideal” beauty exists, it exists in the mind of an individual, and it’s different for everyone and highly subjective. We should realise that beauty standards do no good and should be discarded from this world!