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The male gaze refers to the ways of portraying and gazing at the women that permits men for sexualizing and diminishing the women, we know biologically we feel attracted towards the opposite sex, male gaze tries to change the natural urge and turns the women into a passive item and treating them as an object. So, the term male gaze gains popularity by the depiction of women in the cinema as an inactive and sexualizing object for the male desire and or just a passive character in movie. This concept of male gaze seeps into real-life as such women are conditioned to look like them in real life, even movie is all about fantasy so it is very irrelevant. The Male’s gaze tries to discourage women’s empowerment. Male gave shows that man is powerful and strong female as a sex object, we can see in a lot of advertisement females are told to show there skin models are said to wear bikinis, for adding male attraction in any show, movie or commercial to get attention. Male glaze in a way that feels uncomfortable for women, stalking is a kind of mental torture you can appreciate if they are beautiful but you cannot look at them from a dirty mindset. So the male gaze should stop everyone should have respect for each other.