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It is true that Quran prescribes the hijab for both Muslim men and women both, the reason behind wearing hijab they should not show their private parts they should dress modestly. But very few Muslims men wear it and for most Muslim women it is compulsory for them to wear it. Men should wear a hijab during prayers and on their festivals and there is a lot of rigid commandments which we read on their online sites behind these all-religious beliefs are attached. Also, it is said that the hijab of men cannot be tight, mostly it should be of white and green or any other color but not red. Also, they people who religiously follow Quran they are not allowed to trim their beard. Wearing a hijab is part of their Islamic values these values are highly visible. The hijab is a symbol of Islamic tradition, but now only a few people know and understand the connotations that hijab hold, when a woman wears a hijab we can form an image in our mind but it is not the same in the case of men, hijab is just not the headscarf but it also has a deeper meaning which applies on both men and women. You will be shocked that it is written in Quran that wearing a hijab is first to mention to men and then women. There are some sexist men who don’t wear a hijab but they will force women to wear the hijab against their will, you cannot force anyone until and unless you are not applying the same on yourself.