Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Sexism & Patriarchy Why do the Indian film industries use the offensive practice of brownface? Reply To: Why do the Indian film industries use the offensive practice of brownface?

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The film industry does this discrimination with the brown and fair people they always prefer actors and actresses who have fair skin and are skinny and nice body over the people who are darker tone but this give wrong influence to our society it shows that how much we are demeaning we are beauty is what we perceive others how we adore other if we start giving an opportunity to people who are given a role to the people who have darker tone maybe people not accept them for the first time but a slowly they inspire, also why in some movies actors and actors which belongs to a poor family and lower caste are shown darker tone why not fair, we are portraying that to audience people who have a darker tone is ugly poor which is bullshit, stop making them look negative establish some equality give chance to the people who have really nice acting skill and talent. After so many decades, Bala’s movie came is very nice portrayed about this issue. Normal people also wrongly behave with people by they start discriminating fair people with black people use very bad words to call them to make fun of them. stop making songs like gore gore mukhde pe kala kala chashma, chittiyan kaliyan, and what this song are giving the wrong message. For entertainment purposes we should not forget our morals and ethics, there are a lot of other ways. So please end this racism and start evolving so in the future our entertainment industry recognize as a unique industry.