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Yes, There should be paid menstrual leave for women because during menstruation females goes through with lots of pain like lower back pain, headache, menstrual cramps, feeling unesay, mood swings. Due to which women will feel uncomfortable while working at office and at workplace women has to sit on chairs for straight 7 to 8 hours because of which they suffer from back pain. Companies should have paid menstrual leave policy for women or else they should ask them to do work from home whenever they will feel better this will surely help many women’s to have rest while going through menstruation. If women will not get menstrual leave than they has to do household chores after that travelling to reach at workplace and working at office because of not getting paid leave they has to bear with lower back pain and headaches which has no point. While feeling tired and having no one can concentrate on their work, so it will be great for women to have paid menstrual leave. It is natural problem for females can’t do anything instead we should try to create such options for women to reduce their menstrual pain. And society should normalise to talking about menstrual problems freely. News channels should also start making highlight towards menstrual problem of women due to which atleast people will start talking openly about menstrual problems than it will help women to share their problems with company manager to ask for paid leave. In companies their should facilities for women’s menstrual hygiene like having sanitary pads in washroom, clean washroom, availability of water, separate rest room for women. If they don’t have policy of menstrual leave than atleast they should have these facilities for women. In japan, menstrual leave for women has introduced in 1997 because females are struggling with menstrual pains. In our society also, women should be entitled for menstrual leave.