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In the ancient period homosexuality was accepted it has reference in many mythological books, Thomas Macaulay introduced section of 377 act in Indian penal code, he made the punishable offense of oral sex and anal sex. Many Indian societies back then do not know about homosexuality and masturbation because it was not openly talked about it. It became the mindset of society that loving a same-sex person is not a part of our culture and it is also considered illegal they called it an imported disease. That’s why after decriminalizing section 377 still people are fearing to open about their sexual orientation because society will shame them. In Indian culture talking about sexual matters is a very niche topic but good some heterosexual people are opening to society and marrying same-sex people and bringing the change. Earlier families used to disown their child in fear of societal norms and culture, still, these people don’t get the respect they deserve. Slowly people will evolve and accept it but we have made it part of our culture. Earlier their many filmmakers try to make films on this thought but some people start protesting and they burn the film posters because it was against the culture, but now movies are made on this some people are fine with it and some are not, movies such as shubh mangal zyada sadhana , ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga , dostana etc. many political leaders also oppose this and impact of this there blind followers resort to doing wrong with heterosexual people. Now we can see heterosexuals are uploading their marriage pics on social handles and celebrating their wedding it is a good start but a long way to go.