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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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Innovative ideas for gender equality
Gender equality is the state of equal access to things like education, opportunities, resources, liberty, etc. to everyone regardless of their sex or gender. It is also called equality of sexes. Looking at the current scenario from all aspects, our society still lags behind in social understanding and acceptances as compared to other developmental and advancing features. While men are considered superior by everyone in the society, women are underestimated and looked down upon. Women are objectified and seen as a commodity. They are tortured, not only physically, but also mentally and it is sad to see our society in this state.
A number of social activists, reformers, feminists and responsible citizens have made efforts to make gender equality a real thing in our society in the past, yet our society finds it difficult to understand and grasp new things. In order to promote gender equality and change it into a reality from just a dream, we need lots of innovative ideas that turn out to be efficient. If the youth of the nation tries to look into the matter and gives it a thought, the innovative ideas that will then come up will be the ones causing a revolution.
I believe the first place where this change needs to be brought, is the minds of people. It is the glassroot level and if we are successful in curbing gender based discrimination in the minds of people, it will become a lot more easier to make changes at a higher level. We not only need to organize awareness campaigns and camps, but also make people aware of how well our women are doing in each and every field in the present times. Also, girls and women at home need to speak up against discrimination and need to make a place for themselves out there without being dependent on men.
On a larger scale, we require the government to make proper policies and schemes that would help women prosper not more than men, but equal to men. Discrimination against women should be declared a punishable crime and there should be reservation for women in institutions and work places, without looking down upon women or without making women feel worse about what is already bad enough. Women should be treated with respect.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat