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Manpreet Singh
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While there has been a lot of progress in the entertainment field, it has opened many more sectors for females to work. the employment opportunities in terms of actress, director, technical, beauticians, dress designer, etc are any, but has this boom in the entertainment industry really all good? We cannot deny that females working in the entertainment industry have started to earn handsomely as compared to the past, but blemishes like the #metoo movement represent the harsh reality of the entertainment industry. The movement has shown that behind the all glitter world of the entertainment industry, there lies the secret dark world, which we do not see often.
The main problem that lies with the entertainment industry is the exploit culture. The newcomers that come into the industry from far-off places are often trapped into this exploitation, in return for a big break. They soon find themselves trapped in the never-ending quagmire of exploitation, and they have to comply with the immoral demands of people in the industry. The #metoo movement has shown that even well-established artists are not spared from the exploitation. Another problem that fuels incidents like these are the lack of support group for the females who have been exploited. They cannot turn back to their parents for help as most of them will disown them if they come to know about it. This empowers the exploiters in the industry because they are in a bargaining position.
Then there is the drug problem in the entertainment industry. Most female aspiring artists fell prey to the drug world in order to survive in the industry. Time and again we are reminded about these problems through the news.
The proper solution for these problems is to have a proper complaint redressal platform for these exploited artists. They have to be assured that their career will not be spoiled if they take any step against their predators. The mental health issues that they face also needs to be attended to.