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Apoorva Pathak
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Period! Period! Period! It is not a disease. and knowing menstrual hygiene is necessary there are many myths related to mensuration. These occur when girls are illiterate they are not knowing about health and sanitation.
There many precautions we should take when we are dealing with menstruation. As in this period, we become weak and not able to fight diseases. We should always take bath with Dettol so that it disinfects the body and make it a pH of the normal body. One should always keep in mind about pads of periods we have to change it on regular basis every 6 hours as this will and allow bacteria to generate and keep the area clean and dry.
Taking a good meal and stay stress-free is also the solution as taking irregular and stress also creates the condition of PCOD ( polycystic ovary disorder) and this leads to irregular periods as well as a hormonal imbalance which causes further harm to the body.
Toilets sits should be disinfected and wash on regular basis. One should not keep undergarment unclean as this will create the growth of bacteria and will infect the person. These infections often lead to uterus infection, cancer, urinary tract infection and many more sickness. We often see that women use cloth in the rural area as pads are not available to them this often leads to various diseases. In the movie PADMAN has created the sense of menstrual hygiene on a local basis this was a real-life story. There many short films on periods so that illiterate people should also know about the menstrual cycle.
Many of the women are not aware of mensuration they create mental taboos about it and this is one of the leading cause of death of women. They are kept hidden even if she has some problems this is not the solution we should expose women about menstrual hygiene.