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Yash Tiwari
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A nomadic lifestyle is not like going on a vacation and taking your suitcase with you; it is a lifestyle in which a person is not attached to a specific area of land and keeps on moving from place to place and different regions and maybe countries too. It’s an old form of lifestyle but still practiced by people who are into it but the times have changed, back in those times there was less pressure on each thing be it a career, jobs, etc. life was pretty simple then. A woman who chooses to live a nomadic life will have to face many challenges. She will have to make difficult decisions and she may also have trouble making long-term commitments. She must find a balance between exploring the parts of the world that are new to her and settling down in an area where she can build a solid foundation for herself and her family.

A common day in the life of a Nomad is not easy. Just think about the last time you went somewhere. If you traveled by plane there were security guards, border agents, and immigration. If you traveled by train or by bus there were still border agents and more forms to fill out. The point is that even if you did not travel far from home, there was always some sort of gatekeeping process to cramp your lifestyle. A lot of men don’t understand the nature of women. They love to have them by their side. This is where support comes into play. In India especially most men don’t support if she is a housewife or working professional they only want her to do the job, whatever that might be, and not interfere in their business.

There are lots of challenges facing women in this century. These challenges are traditionally viewed and shared by most African women. A woman’s life is complex because she is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and co-worker in many cases. As a human species, ownership of what is called “wife” has been initially given to her through the use of force. This was the time when the wife or bride could not reject her fate to be married away. Life in the desert is simpler than life where there is a lot of security and facilities. People live peacefully without any disturbances and that’s why people love to move towards the desert to lead their life peacefully. I aim to write an article from the women’s point of view. She leads a nomadic lifestyle in her way, she faces different kinds of challenges like security, food, etc.