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Yash Tiwari
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So, when you watch your favorite movie you get an idea that the entertainment industry is a safe place for women or it’s a manly place for men because most of the people you see in front of the screen are men and very few women. But sometimes we forget that this scene is not true. Behind the screen, it’s another story. The life of the entertainer or actress is quite different from what they show us. Their world is not as happy and beautiful as we see on the screen. So, what is the reality of their lives? The entertainment industry is one the most sexist industry. Only a few women are working in top positions, they are easily replaceable. Women are objectified in every possible way. It is very rare to see a female director or scriptwriter.

Whether it is women or men the entertainment industry treats them equally and Good for entertaining people. The entertainment industry has indeed given an equal platform to women and men to grow ‘ above all’. But beneath the glamour, it has treated them according to who can take the pain of more suffering. Business is war, money is blood, people in any industry can do anything to earn their bread. This is the most essential truth that one must comprehend before joining the entertainment industry. There are many types of people who enter this industry. They have different personalities.

The entertainment industry is not safe for women. But the main problem is how to solve this problem and what are other reasons for this peculiar situation of girls. Many actresses in the entertainment industry have been trapped in the wrong place, as there is no one to stop them or restrain them from doing anything. Their lives have become miserable due to this profession. In Bollywood, whenever there is a new actress, she faces the problem of getting opportunities. Today the cinema has become male-oriented. When a new actress comes to this industry, it takes a lot of time for her to get an independent role. Only if someone has his mother’s help or father’s help in that particular field then they can survive.

The entertainment industry is not a safe place for women to work in. Within the cutthroat world of show business, it seems like actresses and female celebrities are prone to being, cheated on by their male counterparts and even sexual harassment by their bosses, coworkers, and their assistants. The sad truth is that these reported cases of misbehavior are only the tip of the iceberg.