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Triple talaq is a practice where a marriage relationship ends when the husband has talaq thrice to her wife. The government has criminalized this practice of triple talaq. But a lot of women have fought to get this act. Muslim women were facing a lot of difficulties due to this, they have to left their husbands without any financial support, they have to become independent even when society did not help them, their condition was miserable, also they were not called as legally divorced also. But still, it exists in Islamic regions, no man has the right to treat women like a toy, this triple talaq act helped women a lot now men have fear before taking talaq. Punishment imprisonment for three years without any bail. When this act were a lot of Muslims and religious communities come together to oppose this law. Torture and harass women because this is something which was very important for married they always have to leave to in fear. Triple talaq has contributed to women’s empowerment and given them the dignity they deserve in society. People choose to do triple talaq to marry another woman for money and to get the dowry the two main reasons, they used to take talaq on phone call, on the message that really the wrong thing women have accepted because there was no there was choice would have remained for them. Women who are still suffering should come forward and should file the complaint in court and be an inspiration for other women’ enacting the law government strengthens the fundamental and constitutional of Muslim women. I want to state this woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better.