Happiness mixed with woe, fear with excitement, shock with surprise and laughing even after being getting frightened. Yes, this is exactly what I used to feel at those moments. Me alongside my three stupid mates made that small some-what spooky narrow lane our daily adventure. It used to be their high purpose to make me go crazy after being scared. That little hut in the botanical garden used to be the house of a witch, all the trees were the homeland of ghosts and every sound of the garden was the calling of the negative shadow. These all lame jokey statements were those that once made my spine chill. We used to have great fun alongside. They used to tease me upon my kidish face. Yes, I used to be frightened, but still those moments were worth cherishing in their manner. They have something in them that still makes me think about them and smile. But, tick-tock goes on, time never stops.

The three musketeers I would say them, are now lost somewhere and I guess will never be mine again. Time flew like anything and took my precious ones with it. It cost me my friends and my bestest friend. It’s a say, “it doesn’t takes time to get people and weather changed”. When you get to know that ok this has happened now, you are never able to figure out what exactly went wrong. My happy phase is now gone and what I am left with is only the memories which give me happiness whenever I think of it but at the end it’s always a tear that roles down. Who is to be blamed? Me, for being so easy-going, the musketeers, for being changed, or the time, that ditched unseasonal? Well its harsh but, the answer is- no-one.

We all have our happy, high moments and time comes when we at times loose that something special. We may not even think about living without something but when that thing is gone, life doesn’t stops. It moves on like it used to before. And if you get stuck, you will be stuck forever. Living in the past memories for all the time will only give you pain. Remembering good times is good only till they make that beautiful curve of your lips, the moment it makes your eyes wet, it surely disturbs your present. Something when gone with time, can come back only with time and destiny. You have no say in it. So, why to mess up the present for the sake of something that was once yours and now is just a cloud of air.

May be those days will never come back, I hardly know if we four could be together again. But, what can I do with it? Nothing. Always thinking about the past and going sad all the time and costing my present is obviously not of good choice. And this is for all of us who get stuck in their past and are not able to live in present. You have to be strong enough to hold your time accordingly. You can’t just sit in grief and let happen everything with time. get up, open up and just live what comes at that moment.

Live in present and keep your past aside.