Some are real, others are fake ; some makes you smile, others make you cry; some makes you feel fantastic, with others you feel negative. That ‘some’ is certainly a very special squad to you. That handful of people is actually close to your heart, and when you are so into someone, you go quite a low degree. Yes, you are surely mature enough to respect else’s personal space and time. But, still when we are close to someone, their needle like ignorance is worth a mountain. Their pinch of salt is enough for your big fiesta meal to taste well. You may think that I am leaning all this towards a person’s weakness, but no, here what I am talking of is about letting yourself free from something that may be fetching your rest of life’s calmness.

Why does this happen, that one person when makes you feel ignored, you can’t go along with others. Why is it that once your job is messing up, you can’t concentrate at your home. Why your friendship does make you less involved in family. Why your social media restricts you from talking with lovely words. Why is it so that you are not able to balance the every scale of your one life? Either you are so-so concerned or you are least concerned. May be you can’t just recognize what’s important and what’s not? Well if you think that you are stuck in the second question, than you are absolutely wrong, because everything is important.

You life is what you make of it. You can’t blame anyone for what you are going on with. Every genre of your day is your preference. So if you chose all of them out of so many things, than how come you can make one standby for some other? When you started with something, then you must complete it without giving all the lame excuses and blaming your other chores. Nothing is so much big that will ruin your life to very extent. You should have all defined circles and should never mix them up. Nothing is your whole life; everything is a part of life. Nothing can have hold on some other. You should keep things separate that are ought to be dealt individually.

Everything has its own value. If one part is not going good, you must not ruin others in the depression of that one. There are many courses that make up one meal. Don’t get so much disheartened or overwhelmed that it interferes negatively. A balance is must either it is a joyful moment or a gloomy situation.