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Afshan Iqbal
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Are beauty products in some way a source of discrimination? I believe both yes and no. I feel using and not using beauty products is a choice. Discrimination happens when those beauty products are advertised to promote beauty standards that are unattainable. Discrimination happens when the beauty product shows a dark-skin person applying the product and by miracle, the skin colour turns to white. Isn’t it wrong? Beauty is accepting what we are but that doesn’t mean if a woman chooses to apply beauty products, she is any less or any more than other women. It’s a choice. When a dark woman is not shown as ideal for beauty, there the problem of discrimination arrives. TV programmes, movies, billboards, advertisements, all reinforce the idea that “fair is beautiful”. Consequently, lighter skin is depicted as the parameter of beauty by the media. No one directly wants to talk about it but the love is so apparent that many actions reflect it. You can pick up any newspaper and go to the matrimonial section or even visit any such website, the amount of people who want a “fair” wife is pretty huge and disappointing in a country where people are just different shades of brown. This is the root cause of discrimination. While I do believe, beauty products are in some way a source of discrimination but in the end, it’s also a choice.