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Shreya Shukla
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Nothing stops us if we want or are willing to achieve something. Rape is sexual intercourse that takes place without the consent of someone with whom it’s being done.
Rape is rape and it cannot be justified on any basis. Even when it’s done by a husband because being married do not mean that it gives the right to force a wife according to his physical needs.
But the fault is on our end It is taught to our daughters that after marriage they have no control over their lives and body, they have to do whatever is asked to do by their husband. And this makes her quiet and she keeps on doing everything willingly or unwillingly.
Also, there are women in this world who use their rights for some personal revenge. So if the government makes a law against this, there are chances that some greedy women may use it for a wrong cause by blaming their husbands even if they didn’t do anything wrong.
And this will also become a problem for those women who are innocent and suffering every day as no one would trust them.
So before making a law, good homework has to be done.