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Afshan Iqbal
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Women are not safe in their own homes let alone travelling in a means of public transport in India. Women’s safety is a big issue in our country and that is the reason that women have the fear of traveling alone after a certain time limit and a certain place. India is a vast country that needs to be explored but women kill their dreams because of the solo travel fear. Let’s take an example, suppose you are a girl and you are outside and the time is 10 pm and you are alone in the transport. You will obviously have fear or even slight discomfort at that time. Women are strong but they also know that they are not safe and no matter how much they try to make themselves believe that they can handle the situations. It’s difficult because of the people who are unafraid of the law and have the audacity to commit crimes knowing that eventually they will be freed and because of the people who victim blame. The problem is that the government isn’t doing as much for women’s safety as they are obliged to do. Whether it’s travelling day or night, it’s unsafe for women across the country. Even if something happens to a woman, she’s to be blamed because this society has many objections to women travelling alone in public transport. So, it’s very important that the government does its best in order to provide safety for women at every place and at all times. Women travelling alone is a far-sighted dream in our country that needs to become a reality.