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Shreya Shukla
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Being financially independent should be the first thing to achieve in life. It’s necessary for both men and women. It gives us confidence and freedom of living life on our terms. It’s crucial for women because men are considered to be the breadwinners of the family so they are already financially stable. But women who are homemakers have to ask their husbands for money even for a minimal expense.
It’s necessary for women as it gives them a sense of security that if unfortunately, her husband passes away or leaves her then also she can bear her expenditures. She can also take care of her children. Not only in these cases but in the case where the husband is solely carrying a load of his family on his shoulders then also he gets some relief if his wife is a working woman. Today’s world is rich in the usage of technology so women can opt for it as a career. It is especially for those who can’t leave their children alone so it would be like working from home and many online job portals can be chosen to apply for a job of choice. A business plan can also be put forward if it is having a scope in future.