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Afshan Iqbal
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Earlier women were not even allowed to step outside their homes alone so just forget about education or working outside. Our society has failed as a whole to provide women equality and to eradicate patriarchy from the lives of women. Women aren’t allowed to work outside their homes, that is the reason they aren’t encouraged to study. It is a notion that education will only be helpful to boys as they are the breadwinner of the family. No consideration is given to the education of the girls as when they grow up they will have to be a homemaker and kill their dreams and passions because of the fact that women are expected to be working at their homes, taking care of their families. the concept that a man is supposed to work outside and be a breadwinner for the family while a woman should work inside and take care of the household. A girl is denied an education because society thinks that boys will only get benefits from it.
In a household when a boy is born, he is expected to take an interest only in sports or careers like engineering, piloting, finance, etc. However, when a girl is born, she is likely to focus on learning how to cook or clean which sets a base that when she grows up all she has to do is work in the kitchen, take care of her family and do household chores. Even if a girl is allowed to work outside it is limited to a certain parameter. She is stated to pursue teaching, nursing or to work in an environment where there is hardly any encounter with males. She is considered “too emotional and sensitive” for hard work. Similarly, when a boy wants to pursue higher studies, he has no restrictions in choosing his subjects or institution but with regard to a girl, it becomes a matter of debate whether or not she will be allowed to study further and even if she’s allowed where she will study so that she remains behind the curtains of the societal judgment. When it comes to the workplace, sometimes there are traces of women falling prey to misogyny. When men witness women doing better than them, they hardly accept a woman’s leadership and as a result, she is required to work in a tactful environment where her opinions do not matter as much. Now times have changed and girls are starting to get educated. There is a lot of awareness about a girl’s right to education. We see women are making an impact in every field and they are leading in every way. There is no place where we find women any less than men. So, it’s very important to lift women and give them the well-deserved positions that society has always ignored just because of their gender. Girls are encouraged to study now but still, there are some places where girls are denied education. We need to see that girls are not stopped from getting educated because it will be a boon for the whole society.