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Afshan Iqbal
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Gender stereotypes have been in our society like a disease that infects everyone, especially women. It is a persisting notion that women aren’t capable to work outside their homes and are only made for household chores. With the persisting gender stereotypes, women are affected the most whether it’s at their homes or at workplaces. They are not treated as equals, they have to struggle more than men to reach a deserving place, they have to compromise and kill their dreams, they have to tolerate people’s remarks either on their clothes or on their personality. The workplace is filled with people who target women and don’t give them equal respect and opportunities. A woman is not included in important decision making and she is often ignored when it comes to giving leadership to a woman. She is considered “too emotional and sensitive” for hard work. She is required to work in a tactful environment where her opinions do not matter. In her career, a woman has to go through every hurdle to make an impact. Why do people make it so difficult for women to achieve something she is highly deserving of? It is due to gender stereotypes and the illogical notions that people have associated with women. Unless we all work together it will keep on affecting a woman’s life whether personal or professional. Though it is a relief that the world is changing for the better, now there is awareness in the society about gender stereotypes and men and women are cooperating to make this world a place that believes in equality and empowerment of both genders uniformly.