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Manpreet Singh
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In the growth and development of a child, toys play an essential role. Toys are much more important for a youngster born in a nuclear family and living in a city. Every quarter of the year the type of toy requirement will change. It is good that a number of playthings are presented to them. I feel it’s also the moment to transcend the gender prejudices associated with toys, when we, as parents, choose toys for our child. To put it simply, buying a bat and a ball, superhero models for your child’s girl, and buying a teddy or doll for your tiny kid is quite typical. Many individuals today assume that boys are blue, whereas girls like rosé and purple. It is true in most cases, thanks to the formation of gender preconceptions at an early age. Everybody shouts “gender equality,” when one sex can accomplish something that the other can’t.

Things have to change and providing children under three with gender-neutral toys is a fantastic beginning. So girls that don’t enjoy dolls, for example, don’t have to worry about fitting in with girls that prefer dolls. But if the kid rejects toys that are sex-neutral? There are several constraints for parents who exclusively give these toys to their children. The youngsters should then be permitted to choose themselves. Education is also essential to prevent misconceptions about gender. Parents should teach discrimination to their children and why it is bad. This is the best method to make society fair. It is improbable that girls can improve if they are told constantly that science, technology, and construction are not for them. Onwurah grew up playing on a red bike with a yellow pogo stick and was a microscope when she was nine. “Toys are so significant and educational,” she says, “and it’s about future jobs for me, what happens in ten or fifteen years. A segregated society we can’t continue.”