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Manpreet Singh
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Initially, in February, the Supreme Court requested that Parliament control the sale of acid and promised to make its own directives public if the government failed to comply on Tuesday with the 16 July deadline. Hydrochloric acid, used as a cleaning solution, can burn through the human flesh but for approximately 33 cents is accessible in any general shop. The court issued a rigorous judgment criticizing the negligence of the government to regulate the sale of acids, after hearing a complaint from a victim of an accident attack. “The government’s seriousness in dealing with this matter is not shown,” declared the Supreme Court. This verdict is made two months following the loss of injuries in Mumbai of 23-year-old Preeti Rathi. As a nurse a stranger splashed acid on her face in the heart of a train station, Rathi had just relocated to the town. Following those events, the failure of the government to respond was further examined. “Men die, but you’re not concerned about it. “Men die. Consider folks who lose their lives every day. Girls in various sections of the country are attacked every day,” says the Supreme Court.
Law is the first step, but women’s rights groups feel societal change is necessary to eliminate the country’s acidic attacks. In addition to better laws, India needs to change cultural changes, which can come only from ‘concerted grassroots actions, educational initiatives, etc., and democratic participation in which women’s rights are recognized and implemented as equal citizens. Jay Shah of the executive director of the Acid Survivors Trust International. If India succeeds in regulating the sale of acids, attacks similar to Bangladesh may decrease, but more struggle is required to break cultural norms that promote such attacks. Such evil in our society should be curbed by some rigorous measures. Otherwise, it will be too late, and innocent animals on this globe will remain without their fault. In the current society, the authors would discuss several façades, legal remedies, and compensations for acid attacks.