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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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We exist in a world today where everything can be faked or fixed. Noses can be changed, stomachs can be tightened and cellulite can be lasered away apparently because that’s what we are told to do which is alter ourselves to be beautiful. Often women are told that they should not be conscious about their bodies if they are skinny. To the world, it seems inappropriate for someone who is average-sized to talk about problems with weight gain. Orphan young girls and women suffer from anxiety because they cannot have a body they see on social media. They believe that they are not beautiful enough because they don’t have a small waist. In this society young girls and women often face the struggle of having to live up to the expectation of a certain kind of appearance. A woman should not feel the need to explain her body or justify it to anyone as it changes. It is too ridiculous to think about explaining the nature of our bodies to other people. We do this just because we don’t want them to judge us. Judgement and criticism always existed, it’s just that now everyone can be a critic and share it publicly without hesitation. We all want to see glimpses of our insecurities on the models in magazines and on Instagram. It is because we want to know that we are not the only ones who have changing bodies. From a very young age, we are unknowingly being trained by magazines marketing and all forms of media into thinking that having cellulite or not wearing makeup is worthy of being publicly shamed. We are not born with these insecurities, we are told to be insecure about certain things. We are conditioned to feel ashamed or embarrassed about certain parts of ourselves. The world is not going to reform tomorrow we can’t rely on those who profit from our perceived flaws to change their ways. There is no easy fix to the ideas of women that have existed for hundreds of years. So that leaves us with one option which is changing it ourselves, showing what’s real with no filter and certainly with no shame. We should encourage ourselves to find a healthy balance between expressing the natural, vulnerable side of ourselves with the glamorous, contoured side.