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Manpreet Singh
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Although Indian music can be acclaimed worldwide because of its melodies and groovy notes, the sad aspect is that certain songs’ texts discreetly promote sexism, which many overlook. The misogynist Indian music business has been so involved in sexism with catchy beats, popular singers, attractive attires, megastars, and fantastic dance movements, and incredibly imaginative video settings that it seems like a great yet sad effort to get the spotlight off its sexist text. And for decades, it has succeeded in deceiving most people. Do you remember that music from the late seventies and eighties was deemed iconic and evergreen? Well, you’re going to be in shock if you pay close attention to the lyrics. Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh’s popular song “Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein” describes a sense of entitlement to the lady, stating she was intended for him on earth, and indicating she has no purpose in life.
Only in the 80s and 90s did his scenario get worse. When people start applauding and supporting musicians such as Yo Yo Honey Singh who promote all the wrong things from racism to shame, you begin to feel that this will not help you. And the ludicrous number of items still target women shows the pathos of the Indian music industry’s people. It’s absolutely worrying and terrible to see what society is listening to from the song Fevicol Se that called “tandoori margins” ready for consumption to Laila Main Laila, presenting women as objects to sexual desire. Music has a highly widespread influence on society, its values, and conduct, in particular young people and adults. The triste reality is, however, that some genuine change occurs with the songs which score high on the charts. Favor of stalking, taunting, forcing, harassment by the public, objectivizing, annoying, discriminatory, and fat-shaming must cease immediately. The much-needed changes in the Indian music industry can also lead to music makers and fans together. So, the next time you hear a song, try to truly comprehend what it means and raise your voice when you perceive something wrong with the song message