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Manpreet Singh
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Women today make their presence felt from the boardroom to Hollywood to the floor of the House of Representatives. But with movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up keeping its momentum and more women engaged in politics than ever before, women are also more powerful than ever before, in 2021 a salary divide may still remain between women and men – and more so between different racial groups. As the first woman and first vice president of Black and South Asia, Senator Kamala Harris is asserted on January 20. Joe Biden, the president-elect, has also lately nominated several women for office positions. In 2021, these are only some of the world’s strongest women.

1. In August 2020, Kamala Harris made her history as the first woman to accept the vice-presidential candidacy alongside Joe Biden, the first Black and South Asian to accept the nomination. Harris, California’s U.S. senator, had previously served as California’s attorney general. On November 7, after having been confirmed vice president-elect, Kamala Harris talked with the nation of Wilmington, Delaware, saying, “I’m not going to be the last woman to become the first woman in this office because everyone who wonders today sees a country of possibility.”

2. On 20 January, Jill Biden will be the first lady after Joe Biden is confirmed as President of the United States. Jill Biden had previously been Obama’s second lady and had been a teacher throughout her life — she will continue to play a part even when moving to the White House. She also focused on working with and campaigning for military families, emphasizing the need of community college training and women’s problems from the prevention of breast cancer and equality between women in the USA and overseas.

3. The job of President-elect Joe Biden’s vice-presidential candidate was apparently contemplated by Susan Rice. However, the former Obama manager has been lately announced to head the Domestic Policy Board or the DPC instead. Biden said she was working to “connect domestic politics, economic politics, and national security, never before,” according to NBC when she announced the post of Rice.

4. Kristen Clarke was the chairman and executive director of the National Lawyers’ Committee Under Law, before being appointed by Joe Biden as the associate civil rights attorney general. She was once the head of the New York State Public Attorney’s Office Civil Rights Office and a member of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., in the fields of voting and election law.

5. Following a special election in California’s eighth congressional district, including San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi became a congressman in 1987. Pelosi was elected as the Leader of the Democratic Chamber in 2002. In 2006, Pelosi became the House’s speaker after Democrats had taken over both the Chamber and the Senate. She was a critique of President George W. Bush’s stand on Iraq’s war and an advocate for the Affordable Care Act of President Barack Obama.