Gayatri Somvanshi
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Let’s continue yesterday part of blog🤗
11] Video editing :- As we all know, currently blogging is in trend and countless digital content creators are looking for professional video editors. So here is when you can make use of this skill.
12] Graphic designer:- Ever since social media came into existence people focus more on having better digital appearance and logo designing ,poster designing are in huge demand and thus we all know nowadays themed stationery are on rise.
13] Child Psychology :- We all know nowadays there are a lot of mental issues especially with changing lifestyles and competitive era. So here it’s the best job we can ever have
14] Art and craft :- we all know nowadays people want to learn more arts and also the fashion industry is emphasising on more of a raw form of art.
15] Baking :- As we have got themed homes, clothes the same way we also have themed cakes are there as well and in recent times we all know how there are delivery services available so u can always give service on customers doorsteps.
16] Blogging:- We have talked about so much social media stuff and we all know the main source of income from social media is blogging and especially if you want to blog by sitting at home and also if you have relative information then go for it.
17] Dance courses:- When it comes to dance nobody can resist and we all know now zumbas and power garbas are a source of fitness with fun.
18] Jewellery designing:- Jewellery designing is one of the best art and as we know and as we see there is so much variety available in jewellery.
19] creative writing:- Are you a person full of imagination then here is the course to put your imagination into words and earn money from it.
20] Event management courses:- We all need an organiser for events and hence this course will help you to venture more.
These all courses are available on apps like Udemy, Coursera and so on.