Semantee Chattopadhyay
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It is always said that a language is a different vision of life. It is also the most natural means to communicate and express your opinion and emotions. We all know that being bilingual or multilingual offers many cognitive, social as well as professional benefits. There is no denying the fact that with the changing global scenario the importance of foreign languages has increased much force which goes beyond everyone’s imagination. The credit for these changes goes to the rapid increase in the inflow of multinational companies, hike in the FDI and increasing rate of investment made by Indian companies abroad. The foreign languages have started to be reckoned as a golden gateway to a host of many opportunities in India as well as abroad. Foreign languages play an important role in today’s globalised world.
Foreign languages in which a lifestyle along with it enhances cultural philosophy too. It also offers career alternatives and promising job experiences. With foreign languages, we learn the art of cultural tolerance and religious adjustment with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. According to an international report in the coming two decades, there would be a requirement of more than 1.5 million foreign language experts in various segments of the job market, especially when multinational companies and going rapidly across the world. Now the latest trend of the global job market and corporate culture tells that demand of foreign language expert in languages such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese etcetera are likely to rise at a rate never expected before.
Eligibility: To get your former qualification in foreign languages you must have done +2 from a recognised board in any stream. Post 12th class you can go for three years degree program in any of the foreign languages. After getting the degree you can go for 2 years postgraduate course and thereafter a period. 6 months, one year and two years of certificate diploma and advanced diploma course are also offered by various institutes in less period and at lesser costs.
Academic qualification and proficiency in foreign languages of gates for a career in many sectors: travel and tourism; foreign embassies; diplomatic service; arts and entertainment; public relations and mass communication, international and multi National organisations; international publishing houses etcetera.