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Gayatri Somvanshi
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I would say even if women are getting a chance to participate in the discussion bit their opinion may not be taken into consideration. We all have seen in our house itself that many women never participate in the discussion even if it is regarding their own life decisions.
Solely man is given the right to choose for her. We also see how women sometimes are not even allowed to present in the room where discussion is going on.
From decades to decades women are only said to be meant for serving people but never to be part of making decisions. Though in earlier times Kings would definitely take an opinion of their queens but sadly today even though people are educated or you can say the more people are getting educated the more people are being backward. Women are only held important if she is head of the family or in absence of male head. Though many heads have in fact set a very positive example but still many families see a woman especially if its newly married women as outsider and the impression is kind of not having trust in them so often women are avoided. These are the family matters but if we come towards work places then it’s quite hard for a woman to work and get paid herself let alone try to hold onto her opinion. There are many cases where many women have innovative ideas and a lot of strategies but still they are seen as not so important and often given less regard and attention. Not only this but sometimes her ideas are also claimed to be not hers. On workplaces women face strong suppression and often they lack courage to put their opinion on the desk. This is why often women just lose their interest and don’t show much of an enthusiasm when it comes to discussions .