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Manpreet Singh
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With the recent land judgment of the supreme court of India, the top court has paved a new way for the combat role for women. The court has clearly laid out that gender discrimination is no longer a valid criterion in the light of growing social need, and that, we need to break these old barriers to make true the cherished constitutional ideas present in the Directive Principles and the preamble. The court has made it clear that women officers should be given a choice whether she wants to be a part of the combat duty or not, they should not be delegated to the desk jobs. The supreme court hence stuck down the discriminatory rules which made their career options narrow.
The main problem lies in the fact that we still have those sexist notions about women that she is only there to take care of the household and she is not fit for the combat role. The working environment is again very male-centric and they feel threatened about losing their cherished position. This approach is just not healthy for the women combat officers who willingly want to work in the combat role. They will feel hostile about the whole environment and we cannot aspect better working conditions like this. We still have those patriarchal dictates that women are weak as compared to men and that they cannot perform the combat roles as efficiently as men can do. This again has been proven to be wrong time and again and we need to shed these norms.
The truth is the, we must leave the decision to the women, whether they want to join the combat roles or not. If a woman feels like she can do it and she has a passion for it, then we should not stop her from doing that. We must ensure that there remains an equal working environment for both sexes.