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Apoorva Pathak
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Many women have some with the new face in sportsmanship. They are working hard day and night and have reached heights such as P.V.Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Sania mirza and more. They have represented our country in different championship and made us feel proud. generally, their journey starts from a difficult phase only. They opposed by their parents and community that they are capable of doing things that need physical strength. Even if they reach out this she faces other challenges in the world such as women tournament have less budget due to women are given less paid prizes there is rear people come to see their matches, gender discrimination during the selection process.
When they on the field they are objectified by people on the way of their dressing. They even harassed by their coach and even opposed sex partner. They are ignored in society and called by a different name such as ‘Mard Jese Dekhna wali’ who will marry you, you don’t look like a woman. She even criticised when she is not able to win that you are a woman, you are only suitable to cook and not to play.
During her menstruation time, she is not able to give her 100 per cent. It may also lead to a complication when they do not take care of themselves on those days. when they got married they are not able to continue their carrier. Sometimes they are a force to have marriage. They have to work very hard to compete with male sportsmen and reach up to the expectation of the people. They face a different type of gender injustice and inequality when starting their carrier in this field. These women are torched and lured for the carrier and people ask for physical favour in exchange for their carrier.