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One of the very common life processes of a woman’s life includes menstruation or period. Sometimes, periods could be very painful, many women experience unbearable pain during their periods.
Wanting leaves from work during her period cycle should be considered a valid reason and leave entitlement during the periods should be made legal.
Women bleed continuously for 5 days and it often makes her week and tired, working all day long and bleeding continuously with an unbearable pain could be considered unfair if she won’t be provided a day for rest or a leave if she needs.
Many firms allow women a period leave if she needs so, and many other remaining firms should follow the practice of allowing her a leave in her period.
Not all women everytime face the same kind of harsh pain, in their period but there exists some days where the pain, the moodswings and the weekness during the process goes like a lifetaking experience.
Every woman should be allowed for at least 2 period leaves in a month wherein she could take her proper care and take rest while being on her periods.