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Yash Tiwari
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Technology and innovation are tools that should help us to achieve a better future for everyone. We are currently experiencing the largest technology leap in history. Discoveries happen every day. Several technologies are associated with gender differences, racism, and inequality. When it comes to technology we have both incredible opportunities and challenges ahead of us and a lot of conversations about who will be affected by the solutions, development, and change.

While the ongoing revolution in technology has made this an exciting time to be alive, it’s also a reflection that the world is not the way it’s supposed to be. As an industry, we have to work harder to protect equal opportunities for our women and ensure everyone can enjoy these opportunities equally. We know that there is a need, and a window to change the face of technology. Today we have to ensure that women and girls are part of our next wave of innovation. Startups for gender equality are a growing number of innovative businesses to develop technologies that have an impact in the areas in which women and girls suffer social injustice.

When we look at our system of values, if we want a world that is based on values like equality and justice, I think it’s clear that it’s time for all of us to stand up and do our part. And because we work in technology, maybe it’s easier for us to act upon our values in a meaningful way than if we worked in other sectors. After all, technology is the device through which you’re reading this text right now. Recently, a lot of women have been talking about the issue of inequality concerning gender and technology. It has created some big discussions and even some big successes. The issue is that we don’t want to be just talking here. We want to be working as well.

Gender equality is about understanding and respecting one another’s differences and roles in society. There will never be equality between men and women until the value of the different sexes is equal. Where it comes to technology, one must understand where ideas are coming from so they can be fully understood and accepted into society if necessary. Even though there are no differences, we use this opportunity to give you these ideas about what problems face women in technology. Some similarities face men and women in technology. Technology doesn’t by itself create opportunity but can serve as an amplifier. It’s about how we use technology to expand choices. You can’t build opportunity, you build it with people. Technology keeps the lens focused on female storytellers and their thoughts. It gives a voice to those women who use technology to share their stories and spread awareness about gender equality.