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Apoorva Pathak
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Many women are leading this world. They are working in different fields and enriching these field with their skills, experience and hard work. Since ancient time some women are courageous and fought for their rights. Such as Queen Elizabeth 1 who contributed her life for her country and made it a prosperous era. Queen Victoria was also one of the queen in England who ruled many countries as colonies in her era.
In recent time also some women are working hard and inspiring other women to come up. Muniba Mazari also known as the Iron lady of Pakistan who is in a wheelchair. She is an inspiration to many she also made in Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2016. Kamla Harris who become the first women vice president of the U.S.A a world power she is working towards inequality. Malala Yousafzai Pakistani activist who is fighting for women education and also won the youngest Nobel prize laureate. Tina Dabi who is an IAS officer AIR 1 has encouraged women to participate in civil services exam. Angela Dorothea Merkel German politician who is the first women chancellor of Germany since 2005. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf becomes the first women elected head of Africa. Margret Thatcher becomes English first prime minister. Indira Gandhi was first elected prime minister of India and shown the world how powerful India is. She brings out Indian policies and also made India food surplus through the Green revolution.
Today women are contributing to world GDP.till 2025 world GDP with women empowerment will grow up to $28 trillion. Today 30 per cent of MSME are held by women. There are different initiatives taken by the government and even internationally to make women participate more in society and to make it a more inclusive society. They working in both the formal and informal sector.