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Gayatri Somvanshi
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It’s because our society has labelled it as a defect and even not considered as an illness. People only think of it as a pretense.Especially in the case of girls, people always refuse to talk about these things. Now just think that in our society if girls are having specs they are even told not to tell this to anyone. Now something as this is considered as an illness , how can people dare to talk about mental illnesses. Now this is also due to lack of education and people end up neglecting these or sometimes even symptoms are negligible and due to lack of information we fail to notice these signs and then it goes on and takes a severe turn.
Then the misconceptions of the word mental.
People think mental means the person practically becomes mentally challenged .
People need to understand that mental the word is not a taboo word.
People think depression means that a person is constantly depressed but no sometimes we all are smiling but inside we are depressed.
There are so many people who suffer from anxiety. Many people don’t even know what anxiety is. People think it’s just a small issue and some are even unaware of the term called high functioning anxiety.
Then there comes a society who already lavel girls as defective like we are some products. We don’t even realise how girls are prone to mental illnesses as society always gives them so much pressure and so many stereotypes and how society always tries to control her everything and even her basic choices and also these fake beauty standards and constant harassment both sexual and mental . Let’s also not forget how we are molested at every phase of our life. There is also no space where we feel safe and in this condition how can we stay sane? It is already enough that we are sane after going through these things. We really need more awareness of mental health.