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Technology plays an important role in creating gender equality in many sectors. Technology has made it easier for everyone of us to follow our paths/careers in the way we want to.Rapid technological development and innovation presents new opportunities as well as new challenges. Knowing that innovation and technology does not automatically benefit all alike, UN Women has included innovation as one of the “drivers of change” in its Strategic Plan 2018–2021. The UN women has proposed this 2018-2021 plan for creating an innovative world with gender equality.Innovation and technology provide unprecedented opportunities to break trends and reach those who are the most likely to be left behind. This is why UN Women has prioritized innovation technology as one of the “drivers of change” within its new draft Strategic Plan, 2018 – 2021. With generous support from the Government of Denmark, UN Women focuses on developing markets for innovations that advance gender equality; integrating gender issues within innovation; promoting women as innovators and entrepreneurs; and investing directly in technology-driven innovative solutions that meet the needs of women and girls, says UN women about the strategic plan for 2018-2021. Hence, the technology and innovation could possibly be one of the best regimes to bring gender equality among the people of the world.