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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Well I solely believe that India has only two things to be proud of :
1)Beautiful tourism
2) Courageous women
I really believe India is blessed with incredible women and strong women. Of Course I would say that India has failed to recognise both women and nature as different things anyways.
Well of the most inspirational women till now I found is Natasha Noel. She is just so wonderful and hats off to her she suffered so much and today she is healing a lot of people.
Natasha Noel is a fitness influencer and fitness coach. She was only five years old when she witnessed her mother committing suicide by burning herself in front of her. Her father was schizophrenic and couldn’t take care of her. Thus she was taken under the care of her paternal aunt. But life was not simple for her . When she was seven she was raped by her domestic helper’s son. She was playing with him and the next moment she suffered this violence. At that time the domestic helper shamelessly advised her to run off and marry her son if he loves her so much that nobody will want her. Later on she was sexually harassed by her family members and slowly this situation led her towards heavy depression. She smoked and drank like a crazy person and she would cut herself on her body. She blamed herself thinking that whatever happened to her she deserved it and her body was the reason why everything is happening with her. But one day she finally took a step as she had enough and was tired of everything happening to her and now she is one of the biggest digital influencers in India. She writes and talks about what people avoid to hear or turn blind eye to these issues. She is the biggest influencer today who makes girls realise the facts and it’s normal for girls to have sexual desires, pubic hair and stretch marks.