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Women today are unstoppable, and their power and influence is rising. Increasingly women demand a new society, a society that gives them choices – they can choose to do anything, be anything, and women are building the systems that enable them to do that. But a woman doesn’t need a business title to be a leader. A true leader shows up in their community to make a real impact. And women around the world do that every day, regardless of their job title or position. Every woman try to be best. And many of them set a benchmark and act as inspiration for the youth and developing Women. Some of them are:-
1- Kamala Harris:- she is the Vice President of the United States . But before that she is also an accomplished lawyer and senator, Harris has often been in rooms where no one else looks like her. She shows women and girls of all ages that they can reach their dreams .
2- Mel Robbins:- She is an author and Speaker. Mel Robbins brings a fresh female perspective to her insightful and motivational speeches. She provides an abundance of useful content that helps entrepreneurs and anyone in need of a boost. Her book The 5-Second Rule is a national best-seller. Robbins encourages women to keep pushing forward.
3- Bethenny Frankel:- She is the Founder and CEO of Skinnygirl. She is all rounder(From event planning to entrepreneurship and reality TV) .
4- Esther Perel:- She is an author and Therapist . She is a relationship expert, and her advice and expertise is critical in today’s world. Her parents were Holocaust survivors – and she learned how to live with optimism and hope even in darkness. She speaks 9 languages and has travelled and studied around the world to combine her own unique upbringing with other global perspectives.
5- Radhika Jones:- She is an Editor-in-Chief of Vanity Fair .After becoming editor-in-chief in 2017, she moved the magazine away from glamorous stylized covers and instead features celebrities in normal clothes . She has moved the magazine and online content to be more representative of all types of backgrounds and lifestyles and to highlight the cultural zeitgeist.
Every person is inspiring and has faced difficulty and go through lot of struggle in their life wither be it a women Or man. But the difference is – society always support man and always discourages woman. Still in this darkness, rising like a Star and achieving such a huge success is very acknowledgeable and inspiring for women’s all over the world.